About Us

Nurturing Wellness And Health Care Services

Having catered successfully to the healthcare industry for over 4 years, Fitspare.com is a forward integration of the R.K.Enterprise, which is recognized for its perpetual evolution and growth. Headquartered in Jaipur, Fitspare.com was founded by Ashique Hussain Ansari, Rahul Rajput, and Krishna Kumawat.

Basically, we only provide nutrition values for human beings but We do enhance the most important aspect of life YOUR HEALTH because only a healthy body can give you freshness all day long hence a very pleasant experience of the journey of life

We are Authentic

We always intend to provide you with 100% AUTHENTIC products at the best possible prices. We achieve this by always delivering the product directly to customers, We either work directly with the brands or with their official importers in India, thus eliminating unauthorized middlemen. We are mare a start-up but we are growing fast, grooming day by day, hour by hour.

It was in September 2018, that fitspare.com- started with great traction, to cater online healthcare segment of India. Having well fathomed the health, wellness and fitness needs of the countrymen, fitspare.com- offers online, the myriad healthcare products and services respectively. Catering to approximately 20,000 PIN (Postal Index Number) Codes that continues to grow fitspare.com is an e-Commerce website, poised to leave no stone unturned and inner quest for “customer’s delight and satisfaction”.

Adapting to the perpetually changing technological and dimensional needs of the customers, fitspare.com is meant to benefit different segments of the Indian society, benefiting them with the advantages of the e-Commerce retailing (etailing).


To achieve excellence in our relationships, products, services with best business practices and ethics & to be one of the leading healthcare company respectively.


To exceed customer delight & satisfaction, proactively through reliability.


We are committed to supplying reliable products with innovative features for Customer requirement & satisfaction.

We shall continuously ensure that the dynamic need of our customers is met to their full satisfaction by continuous improvement, upgrading technology, selecting appropriate processes and surpassing the relevant quality management systems to provide quality products at competitive prices.