If you are health and fitness lover and wondering that your supplement is authentic or not when buying from online or any shops, believe me, you are not alone, we have all been in the same position. The risk of receiving a duplicate or counterfeit product increases nowadays so beware to check whether your product genuine or not. Here at Fitspare, we have reduced this gap between the importer and the customer. That’s how Fitspare maintains the quality and authenticity till customer recieves the final product.

Here we are sharing some information to identify a genuine seller and product so that you always make the right & better choice.



  • Your product must have an Importer Sticker if it is an imported product.
  • Check the label: Fake supplements usually have different fonts, spelling mistakes, misalignment of logos and even wrong colors. Even the tagline may be incorrect so this is your first step to understanding whether the supplement that you bought is fake or original.
  • Check the manufacture date, It must have an Expiry Date and a Valid Batch Number that can be verified by the manufacturer.
  • Your product seller must always provide you with a proper Tax Paid Retail Invoice.
  • Your product seller must be Certified & Authorised for distribution by the importer.
  • Bar Code / QR Code: Make sure that the barcode and QR code on the container is the point to the correct URL and giving you the correct information about the product.